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Ball and wheel issues

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I tried using the search option but it returned too many results I guess to show them. I have a little guy about 4 months old. He doesn't use his wheel and just sits in a ball and poops when I put him in one. I've been having him swim for exercise but its pretty worrysome. I called the place I got him at and they said it wasn't normal. Ideas? I tried putting him in the wheel but he just runs out. He eats, and eliminates so I figure he is healthy. He runs around when I hold him and knows who I am as well. I know this since he used to lick me, but now he doesn't anymore.
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Try complete darkness...one of our girls will run if the lights are low, as long as her wheel is turned away from the lights...the other wont run at all unless it is completely dark.
One other note...the ball is not a real popular idea around here....hedgies poop "on the go" so they will have a ball full of poop and pee raining down on them and poor vetilation. and what ventilation slits are there can grab a hedgie toe/nail and cause a pretty painful injury. a playpen is a much better choice...or even a plastic kiddie pool.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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