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Ball and wheel issues

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I tried using the search option but it returned too many results I guess to show them. I have a little guy about 4 months old. He doesn't use his wheel and just sits in a ball and poops when I put him in one. I've been having him swim for exercise but its pretty worrysome. I called the place I got him at and they said it wasn't normal. Ideas? I tried putting him in the wheel but he just runs out. He eats, and eliminates so I figure he is healthy. He runs around when I hold him and knows who I am as well. I know this since he used to lick me, but now he doesn't anymore.
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On the note of heating pads/rocks & burning mamels - while I've never put an animal on a heated pad.... back in the Fall I fell asleep on a hotwater bottle and got a wicked burn on my back. I now have a little scar to remind me not to do that again. Yeah most animals (people) will wake up before they burn, if they're really tired they may not.
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