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Ball and wheel issues

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I tried using the search option but it returned too many results I guess to show them. I have a little guy about 4 months old. He doesn't use his wheel and just sits in a ball and poops when I put him in one. I've been having him swim for exercise but its pretty worrysome. I called the place I got him at and they said it wasn't normal. Ideas? I tried putting him in the wheel but he just runs out. He eats, and eliminates so I figure he is healthy. He runs around when I hold him and knows who I am as well. I know this since he used to lick me, but now he doesn't anymore.
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there have been cases of hedgehogs getting low temperature burns from human heating pads, which get nowhere close to 80 ...so at that temp its very possible for them to get burned...it happens when they lay on something a bit to warm, not warm enough to hurt but warm enough to damage skin, for a long period of time.
There was a case a while back about a hedgie that was burned from a heating pad. The vet called it a "low temperature burn" and it was quite serious. It was caused by the hedgie sleeping on heating pad under its cage, and while the pad wasn't hot enough to cause pain, so the hedgie didn't move away, it was hot enough to burn the skin over time, I remember seeing the pictures and it was pretty bad. This just shows that if you use heating pads or blankets that you need to use extreme caution.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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