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bad day @ the groomer's

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so i brought roxy in for a nail trimming to the only groomer i've been able to find near here that will do it (besides the vet). it started off pretty routine, but then she said oops. everyone knows thats never a good word to hear. a few seconds later, i seen blood on the table. she cut roxy's nail too short on one paw and it started to bleed. she put some stop bleeding cream on it and tried to carry on, but roxy was so freaked out by this point, and then finally the groomer was like "this is too stressful on her and myself. dont bring her back here anymore ! i'm done with hedgehogs!". i felt bad for the groomer, but i'm obviously conserned about roxy's paw. what should i do about it ? i scrubbed her pen, and changed the sheets when we got her home, but is ther anything else i should do for her ? should i give her a foot bath later tonite ? any kind of ointment i should use ? should i take out her wheel for a couple days so she dont hurt it more ?
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Ok! This is my first post.......

I put a coarse brick into my hedgies' cages. They walk up on it all the time. When they do this, they automatically get a pedicure. NO NEED TO TRIM THEIR NAILS!
Actually.....this does work!

My Hedgies' nail are pretty short. I know hedgies have a thick soft "paw" area under their nails. But their feet flex when they walk and their nails get filed by the brick. Maybe it just doesn't work on all hedgies. So far my family of 5 are trimmed pretty good!
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