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kurai18 said:
Bacon passed away yesterday..
He survived through the night and they said he was looking very good considering how they hadn't expected him to be able to survive until the surgery.
He got his surgery in the morning and the doctor said he went through his entire digestive system and didn't find any blockage.. so it wasn't the aspen pellets..
However he found that Bacon's kidneys were very red and swollen.
Bacon was given antibiotics and woke up very well from the anasthesia.
The doctor was very hopeful and we left Bacon at the hospital to recuperate while we waited for the results of his kidney biopsy and blood sample analysis.
I was so relieved that I went home and took an hour nap and got some lunch and was about to head out to work and I got the call that Bacon abruptly stopped breathing..
They tried to revive him but it didn't work...
...He is going to be cremated next week.
Thanks everyone for praying for him.. I'm sorry I couldn't give you better news.
So sorry for your loss,hugs.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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