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I wouldn't worry about there being a problem with the baby yet. Yes she is very small right now and that sometimes happens. My Yuri is at 14 months old is almost 1000g and as well as being overweight, he is also has a very large structure. When Yuri was 3.5 weeks old he weighed 37g. I started supplementing him and by 4 weeks he was up to 51 and gained great after that.

I agree there is no reason to take her to the vet and the stress of a vet visit would probably do more harm than good. A vet will not be able to tell what is causing her low weight. There is something that breeders call "failure to thrive" that the babies reach a certain point and quit growing and will die. All that I've heard of have been younger than your little girl but you will definitely know prior to her being old enough to go home if that is her problem. If Helen starts to supplement her then you will know soon enough if she is going to start growing. Sometimes a baby will get pushed away by the bigger ones and although every time the others nursed, Yuri would be nursing too, he obviously wasn't getting enough.

I don't see anything wrong with how Helen is dealing with it. She is being honest and upfront with you and has another baby for you if this little girl does not start to grow. If she had not been upfront with you about her size, that would have been a concern.

I would wait and see what happens. By the time she is ready to go home she could be normal size. I don't know at what age Helen lets them go to new homes but I'm betting she will keep her a week or two longer just to be certain.

Heehee, Yeah Larry, I am still waiting for my wheel. Nine months and counting. :lol:
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