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When we got our 5 new hedgehogs they came to us with mites. We took them to the vet, who treated them with Vectra. When my husband took them in again, I think he asked for Revolution, so they all got that for their 2nd treatment. The vet wanted to do a 3rd treatment, but we thought the mites were gone, so we my husband asked the vet if he could take the 3rd treatment home. We never did give them their 3rd treatment. (This all happened in October-November.) Now we have a mommy hedgehog (Eevee) with babies that are about 3 weeks old. With the new mom not being super comfortable with us yet and having her first litter, we mostly left her alone for the first few weeks. About a week ago, I held Eevee and looked her over. She lost a lot of quills and her skin looked awful. I think the mites have come back with a vengence. The babies are 3 1/2 weeks old now. I called the vet today and inquired if it was ok to put Revolution on a nursing mom. He isn't a hedgehog expert but does treat them & he told me the packaging says it's ok to give to nursing dogs & cats, so it should be fine. He suggested I give her a 2nd & possibly 3rd treatment about 2 weeks apart. He said I probably shouldn't treat the babies until they're 12 weeks old & to give them a half-dose.

Does anyone know anything about this? Just for extra info, we use a combination of Gentle Touch and Yesterday's News litter. We're kind of switching over to the Gentle Touch from the Yesterday's News. Our first hedgehog has never had mites that we're aware of, so I'm thinking maybe we just didn't fully get rid of the ones Eevee had to begin with. My questions are...

1. Does anyone see any problem with treating a nursing hedgehog with Revolution?
2. How many Revolution treatments are actually necessary & how far apart?
3. At what point should the babies be treated, how much should they have, & how far apart should the treatments be? We're hoping to find new homes for them after they turn 6 weeks old & I always recommend a wellness check for new pet owners, but could send a dose home with the new owners.

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