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Hi everyone,

So I'm back with a question, Tama who previously worried me with not eating is now eating a diet of Gerbers baby food and I'm slowly incorporating more and more items in that mix so that she's getting something other than just meat.

Her mix for a few days includes 1-2 jars of turkey and gravy, 1/2 jar of carrots, 1/2 jar of peas, 2 Tbls of unspiced pumpkin (for regularity) and microwaved ground turkey breast cooked with 1/2 cup of chicken broth (low sodium)last night I added in a spoonful of grape nuts . She has so far refused all fruits, fruit puree.

It's not perfect but I want to slowly get her on kibble again. She has refused all presentations of kibble, it's the same mix the breeder gave her, it's not stale.

But after looking at the kibble mix make-up, I wondered whether I should just go ahead and buy some new kibble and make a mix of my own and slowly wean her onto it.

Any ideas? And what would be the best way to go about it?

I'm really happy that she's eating food in general but she won't eat solids except for the ground turkey. the grape nuts I mixed in with the rest and I think I might have to ground it up. The baby food diet isn't a problem but I don't want any organ failure or fatty liver disease from the high protein and such and I basically have to hide anything healthy and green.
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