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Baby food questions

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First, what kind of baby food flavors do your hedgies like the most?

How much do you feed at a time?

Finally, how exactly do you feed your hedgie?

Thanks for any help!
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Lets see...Mina hasn't gotten a variety of baby foods since she tends to go on a hunger strike if her turkey/chicken sticks aren't in her food dish. If her little baby food dish is empty, she'll bite the lip of it and rattle it up and down until she gets my attention. :shock:

Favorites to inhale, I mean eat: :p
chicken, turkey, sweet potatoes, applesauce, turkey & sweet potato dinner

Favorites to WEAR:
green beans, bananas, carrots, peas and numerous others

I usually give her two baby spoonfuls (I found a set of 10 for $1 @ the dollar store) in her BF bowl. I used to give her the baby food in a BF jar lid until Mina got her Christmas gifts from daddy...now her baby food goes into it's own little bowl (actually a set of colored "pinch bowls" that came in a set of 6).

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I do realize that Quillhelmina is spoiled. :oops:
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