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Baby food for treats

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Just wondering what the general opinion is on baby foods for hedgies as a treat. Domino is very anti anything that isn’t her kibble (she will just eat around anything else in her bowl including her old kibble her precious owner left for me). I’ve tried lettuce, blackberries, plain cooked chicken, peas, and even the freeze dried mealworms but she won’t look at any of it. I feel bad she doesn’t get treats or anything special with her kibble. Any recommendations?
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My hedgie doesn’t like freeze dried mealworms either. Try scrambled eggs, and canned or live mealworms. Personally, I wouldn’t feed a hedgehog baby food.
Baby food for babies is not suitable for hedgehogs. But Royal Canin produces baby food for kittens, it corresponds in composition to the milk of a cat. Perhaps, a small hedgehog will be suitable as a complementary food, while it gets used to regular food.
Actually, I'm pretty sure baby food is on the list for safe treats. As with any treat, you would want to give a tiny amount, and only hedgie safe flavors. Always read the labels to make sure there's not a toxic ingredient. (For instance, I've seen chicken baby food with onions in it, which would not be good for a hedgehog.)
My hedgie personally won't touch baby food, but yours might. And once again, moderation is key, as with any treat. :)
This is one of those areas where some of us disagree. I'm on the baby food is fine side. Just watch what you give many of the baby foods are higher in natural sugars. Sweet potato, sweet peas, and carrots are sweet foods and usually loved by many. I have had a few that loved green beans. If you don't want to buy the jarred stuff, make your own. Steam veggies until soft, add water and puree them yourself. You can get small silicon candy molds to freeze the treats into then take them out to thaw/warm as needed.
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It's not uncommon for hedgehogs to have specific preferences when it comes to food. While some hedgehogs enjoy a variety of treats and fresh foods, others may be more resistant to trying new things. It's important to respect your hedgehog's individual preferences and not force any particular foods on them.
That being said, here are a few recommendations and tips to consider:
  1. Persistence: Hedgehogs can be quite stubborn when it comes to trying new foods. It may take several attempts before they become interested in something new. Don't give up too quickly, and try offering small amounts of different treats over time.
  2. Experiment with textures: Hedgehogs often prefer crunchy or textured foods. You could try offering mealworms or other live insects, such as crickets or waxworms, as these are commonly enjoyed by hedgehogs. Some hedgehogs also like dried fruits or vegetables, such as dried cranberries or sweet potato chips.
  3. Baby food options: Baby foods can be an option for hedgehog treats, but it's important to choose appropriate and safe options. Look for baby foods with no added sugar or salt and avoid any ingredients that may be harmful to hedgehogs. Plain pureed baby foods like chicken, turkey, or sweet potatoes could be worth trying, but remember that not all hedgehogs will show interest in them.
  4. Rotate flavors: Hedgehogs can get bored easily, so consider rotating the flavors and types of treats you offer. By introducing new flavors periodically, you might find something that captures your hedgehog's interest.
  5. Offer treats in a separate dish: Some hedgehogs may be more likely to try new foods if they are presented in a separate dish from their regular kibble. This can help them distinguish between their everyday food and something special or different.
Remember that treats should be given in moderation, as they are not a necessary part of a hedgehog's diet. The primary focus should be on providing a balanced and appropriate diet based on high-quality hedgehog kibble.
If you have concerns about your hedgehog's diet or overall health, it's always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian who specializes in exotic pets. They can provide guidance tailored to your hedgehog's specific needs.
In the end, it's important to respect your hedgehog's preferences while continuing to provide a nutritious and balanced diet. Each hedgehog is unique, so finding the right treats may require some patience and experimentation.
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It's understandable that you want to provide treats or something special for Domino, but it's important to note that hedgehogs have specific dietary needs. While baby foods may seem like a convenient option, it's essential to choose them carefully and ensure they are suitable for hedgehogs.
Baby foods can vary in ingredients and some may contain additives, preservatives, or sweeteners that are not suitable for hedgehogs. It's best to avoid baby foods that contain any harmful ingredients such as onion or garlic powder, artificial flavors, or excessive amounts of sugar.
Instead of baby foods, you can try offering other hedgehog-safe treats. Mealworms are generally a favorite among hedgehogs, but if Domino isn't interested in the freeze-dried mealworms, you can try offering live ones. You can also experiment with other insects like crickets or small pieces of cooked meat, such as unseasoned chicken or turkey.
Additionally, some hedgehogs have preferences for certain fruits or vegetables. While you mentioned that Domino didn't show interest in blackberries and peas, you could try offering small amounts of other hedgehog-safe fruits like apples, melons, or blueberries. Vegetables like carrots or green beans can also be offered in small quantities.
Remember to introduce new foods gradually, and if Domino continues to show disinterest, it's important to respect her preferences. As long as she is eating a balanced and appropriate hedgehog kibble, she should be receiving the necessary nutrition. Providing her with a comfortable and enriched environment is equally important for her well-being.
If you have any concerns about Domino's diet or overall health, it's always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian who specializes in exotic pets or hedgehogs. They can provide specific guidance tailored to Domino's needs.
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