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so, if you read my previous post from 2 weeks ago, my hedgie Amy had a litter of 5 and 1 sadly did not make it. this was a totally unplanned litter, but I have left her be and have only gone into the room to make sure the temps staying up and she has clean fresh water and food. tonight she came out and crawled onto my lap, shes a very loving hedgie and she just wanted to cuddle a little bit, so I uncovered the babied to take a peek at them, they were scooting around and when they started to make little sweeky noises amy crawled back over, layed on her side and started nursing, it was very sweet.

my question is at 2 weeks should there eyes be open yet? and when should this be expected. Also I was getting some advice that I should take out the water bowls and put in a water bottle, the problem with that is Amy refuses to drink from a water bottle. Also when should food be offered to the babies? I heard between 3-4 weeks. I started to slowly mix in royal canine baby cat food with Amys food since the babies were born. Ive also been working on setting up seperate cages for the babies, I was told by my vet at 5 weeks to seperate, I just wanted to make sure he was correct with this, he is an exotic vet and is familiar with hedgies, just has not had one of his "patients" have babies.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, I'm just thankful that Amy has made it thru this since it was such a surprise and the babies appear to be healthy.

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Congratulation on the babies doing so well :)

First, their eyes should open anytime now.

Second, I've never removed the water dish from my mothers and don't even own a water bottle. I believe leaving the dish is the best, just make sure its not to deep...just a normal sized dish.

Third, the babies will start eating crumbs that mom leaves behind at about 3-4 weeks. If you want you can crush some kitten food till its powder and put that in the cage.

Fourth, male babies should be removed by the time they are 6 weeks old but female babies can be kept with mom longer.

Hope this helps.
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