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I am going to be gone Friday- Sunday for a camping trip; my issue is that it is supposed to get up to 97 degrees when I am gone. My house consists of a kitchen/dining room/living room area, one bathroom, and one bedroom that my hedgehog’s cage is in. My house does not have air conditioning, in terms of cooling there are two ceiling fans in the kitchen/dining room/living room area, I have one regular fan (the pole kind, not box fan) and a large swamp/evaporation cooler. There also is a window in my bedroom but it is about 2 feet diagonally from the cage.
It was 87 yesterday and my house got up to 81 degrees with both ceiling fans running in the living area. My hedgehog seemed fine as he drank water, ran on his wheel, and ate all his food I gave him. I thought I saw him splatting behind his wheel for a few minutes but only his front legs were spread out and not his back. I also have a ceramic tile in the corner of his cage (not in his hut) but I have never seen him use it.
My brother will be stopping by once in the afternoon to feed my hedgehog/give him water and possibly play xbox for a few hours but he will not be there all day. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? I have heard of the freezing water bottles trick but my brother will not be here 24/7 to swap the water bottles.
Would turning on the fan or opening the window be such a big deal if the weather is so hot? I know drafts can (possibly) trigger hibernation attempts but I am having a hard time believing that there was no wind in Africa and that they were constantly going into hibernation at the slightest breeze or whenever night fell (due to the drop in temperature). Even if the hedgehog did try to hibernate wouldn’t the hot temperature pull them out of it? Bring able to run a fan in the room or open a window would definitely help the situation. Any suggestions or reassurance is appreciated.
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