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Are These Alright For Hedgies ?

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Sooo.... if you saw my last post on canned insects, it turned out Exo Terra discontinued their supply of canned insects to my local pet stores. so i found this other website (its US based but it ships worldwide so yay but :( to my wallet)

I want to know if these products are alright to feed my hedgehog. I've never heard of feeding caterpillars or snails to hedgehogs, is it safe to do so ?

JurassiDiet Canned Mealworms
JurassiDiet Canned Caterpillars
JurassiDiet Canned Grasshoppers (Wingless)
JurassiDiet Canned Crickets (Large)
JurassiDiet Canned Silkworms (Pupae)
JurassiDiet Canned Snails

Oh and I found this Insect-Eater Diet is it alright to feed this to my hedgehog as a treat ? This is the nutrional information

If something goes wrong with this one then sigh idk where else to get canned insects in Malaysia
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