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I'd like to add though that (it seems) everyone here is posting about healthy hedgies. A healthy hedgie, once set up is very easy to take care of & I think most people hit that on the head.

However as with all pets, hedgies can get sick and you need to be ready for that responsability. I can't speak directly to that though I'm sure other people can. As with any pet, sick pets can cost a lot of money and you need to be ready to take on that responsability if the need arises.

A friend of mine has a kitten who gets into everything - opening the jewlery box & eating earings, ripping the window screen out and falling out the window/out of trees, getting into fights with neighbours pets. Most recently he managed to open her tool box and she found him licking his lips surrounded by a bunch of nails. There is a good chance he may have eaten one of them. She's spent over $1000 in the past month already on vet bills and if he ate a nail, she's going to be spending even more. Her comment, "I never knew cats could be like this!"

I'm not trying to scare you off getting a hedgie. They are great animals, suprisingly full of personality once you get to know yours, and when set up are easy to care for. I strongly however feel that every pet owner needs to be ready, willing & able to care for an animal in the case of emergency & medical bills before taking on the responsability. It's only fair to the pet. If a medical situation becomes too much then you need to find someone else who can care for the pet (sorry, this is a bit of a rant against my friend & the cat possibly eatting nails as well).
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