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Are empty prescription bottles safe toys?

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I searched and did not find an answer to this. Small amber colored prescription bottles with cap on securely, my thought was they could push it around with their nose.

Any concerns on this being a safe toy?

Remove label or don't worry about label?

Could decorate with colorful stickers, as well. Any concerns about stickers?
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But I wrote,
with cap on securely,
meaning the child-proof cap. Is it still a risk with the caps on?
Oh ok thanks! I will keep a close eye on the lids to ensure they are not chewing at it (which would be a risk of small plastic pieces) but since most of what I have read indicates they aren't chewers I am hoping it wont be an issue. Thank you, Nancy!
Just an update, the small amber Rx bottle is moved around A LOT in Whyte's cage, he really seems to like it. One morning I found it stuck inside the toilet-paper tube, now that's skill!! I have no idea how he did it! No chewing thus far on the lid at all. I decorated it with small stickers and I check to ensure they aren't starting to peel. I've decided not to do stickers on any future bottles, though, because I think I'd rather be able to wash them up when I wash everything else in their cage.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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