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Aquarium vs. Sterilite

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I keep seeing so many people talk about why aquariums are not good habitiats for hedgies, but I don't get why they are bad and Sterilite cages are not. Aside from the weight, which *can* make an aquarium harder to clean (but both are bulky - one is just heavier), how does one offer more ventilation than another? It seems like Sterilite cages are quite accepted where aquariums are not, so I was just curious.

Before I get any slack, my hedgie is in a critter nation cage :) My hamster is in an aquarium as she will chew on ANYTHING she can get her teeth into (I have to have all her furniture chew proof, even her bottle is a target so it has to be glass and metal, ahahha!).
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The plastic bins are "technically" just as bad, however, the plastic also allows for modifications.

Many here(and they should) drill extra ventilation holes along the sides of the bins, and some drill huge holes to connect to another bin, giving the hedgie more space.

With an aquarium, you're stuck, and you can't do anything like drilling holes to make the ventilation any better.

People here just suggest the bins for those who are dead set on using aquariums or "have no money to buy another cage", as the bins are much cheaper.

I'm pretty sure there's a thread on this....somewhere....

EDIT: Here's one
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