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Anyones hedgehog go completely crazy/nuts???

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Okay so my hedgehog has been acting like hes been doing (removed by moderator) lately!

He has been like !!!! when i go to take him out he doesnt just huff and puff anymore he JOLTS...ALOT! And even when i go to pet him he still does it and WILL NOT STOP, this has been going on for 2 days straight now and I am probably going to bring him to the vet tomorrow to see what his problem is...

He also BOLTS all over the place, I let him roam free today hoping he would spend some of his energy around the room instead of just at me and he was ALL over the place, finally he got himself stuck behind my computer/computer desk, I had to move the whole darn thing to grab him out, AND i have had to use gloves again after not having to use them for the past 2 weeks hes been suck a pain over the past 2 days....

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No, no, and uhhh...no.

I had to use gloved when I first got my hedgehog, he knows the sent so that is definitely not the problem, or one at all for that matter.

The JOLTING is NOT the same as you describe, yes he used to do the usual, I've had him for over a month now so I know the difference, he is extra bothered for some reason, more jumping less quil pointing!, its almost like hopping, NOT the same as him getting angry or upset like he would normally, this whole thing is COMPLETELY different from the usual....or I wouldnt be posting it.

And the running and zipping around is abnormal as well, he has never been like this, he HAS a wheel and has had one, and continues to use it as well, I think I may leave him be for a night or two and see what happens.
Okay, I am going to take him to the vet, if they find nothing wrong with the lil guy, I will take a video with my phone or webcam of him and see if anyone on here sees anything wrong with him! Thanks for the help guys!
So they didnt find anything wrong with the little guy, she said shes pretty sure its just because hes "going through puberty."

If thats the case ooookay. I guess I'll just make due for the time being!
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