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Hello All,

I am a new hoglet owner! I got my little Gus about a month ago exactly and hes grown immensely since I got home, eating LOTS of the food he was SENT HOME WITH. He is about twelve weeks old now and he is my wittle baby who I greatly adore. Before I got my little guy I did lots of research but this is boggling me and I would really appreciate ANY advice on what to do.

Two days ago I came home from work and out of nowhere three of his little paws, both ears, and one small spot on his face all have bumpy swollen sores. I keep doing more research but I think I am just freaking myself out even more which is why I came to you guys -- the hedgehog owners and masters!!!! The one paw is the worse and its about twice the size of his other normal paws. I immediately gave him a short warm bath, cleaned and sanitized his home, and turned to Google.

I haven't noticed any change in habits (sleeping, eating, drinking, playing, ect) at all so I was hoping after a day it would start to go down and thought maybe he just licked something funny or something. No luck. Today it is the same, if not slightly worse, and I am getting nervous. I do not live ANYWHERE near an exotic animal vet....

After the things I have read and sad gross pictures I have come across on the internet, I came to the conclusion it could POSSIBLY be mites or ringworm.

I came home this evening and decided to clean his cage out again. I noticed his food bowl basically empty and I also noticed something very interesting -- small gross wiggly dudes in his food... WORMS! Other interesting thing, lots of quills in his bed that I cleaned out yesterday....

The catch is, I ordered new food a day ago since I was getting low on food anyways. Now that I found these gross worms in his food tonight, I have thrown away the rest of what I had left that is now clearly worm infested.... So until his new insectivore food comes in (hopefully by next week), what can I feed my little baby? I have seen people feed them high protein cat food but I know its awful for them for several reasons.

So my questions are:

Does this sound like ringworm? If not suggestions? If so, whats next?


Can I give my lover cat food until his new worm-free food comes in? If not, what can I feed my baby????

I really REALLY appreciate any insight I can get to help Gus and I out. I am not looking forward to driving four hours to an exotic vet, but if I need to then thats what I must do! Please help.

Much love,
A concerned Hoglet Owner -- Aka, Ariel


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