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Anxiety.. (Completely unrelated to hedgehogs)

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I guess I've just been having a lot of trouble with this lately and I thought I'd rant to some people who I like.. :D
I'm eighteen and I've been diagnosed with panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder for about four years. Lately I've been sooo miserable, feeling sick all the time, and unable to sleep because of panic attacks and anxiety. I want to scream! Every time I have an exam in college it's like I become physically ill because I have so much anxiety/panic over it. I had three exams this week and right now I feel absolutely horrendous.

To bring it back to hedgehogs, snuggling with baby Rocko does appear to alleviate these symptoms. :lol:

Thank you for listening to my rant even though it's the most off topic thing ever. :roll:
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Sorry to hear about your panic attacks. Someone very close to me has them and initially was diagnosed with depression. She is doing much better now that they have her on medication more directed towards the panic she experiences. Extreme situations can still tip her over the edge but her day to day life is no longer so scary. I hope they can find a medication that works for you, it can be life-changing, although trying to find that dose and type can be **** with all the side-effects of each one until they find the right one.

I saw on tv where a lady with panic attacks was able to get a service dog that she could take everywhere. Maybe its possible to have a service-hedgie? I don't know all the rules about service animals. At the end of the show the lady gave up her dog to someone else because she had progressed so far with treatment and wanted someone else to have the dog to help them. I think that would have been so difficult to do after bonding with the dog.

Ok sorry that's off topic a bit, I ramble.
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