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Anxiety.. (Completely unrelated to hedgehogs)

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I guess I've just been having a lot of trouble with this lately and I thought I'd rant to some people who I like.. :D
I'm eighteen and I've been diagnosed with panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder for about four years. Lately I've been sooo miserable, feeling sick all the time, and unable to sleep because of panic attacks and anxiety. I want to scream! Every time I have an exam in college it's like I become physically ill because I have so much anxiety/panic over it. I had three exams this week and right now I feel absolutely horrendous.

To bring it back to hedgehogs, snuggling with baby Rocko does appear to alleviate these symptoms. :lol:

Thank you for listening to my rant even though it's the most off topic thing ever. :roll:
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I'm in the same boat. No official diagnosis though. Sometimes I have trouble just convincing myself that I need to get out of bed and deal with the world. I can't help but think about and worry about everything that may or may not happen even if it is decades away. Of more immediate concern is how I'm going to get my assignments done for University. (GRRRR. Stupid english essay due in a week that I haven't started. :shock:)

I try to remind myself that there are certain things I can do nothing about. I often tell myself "It's not time to worry yet" although it doesn't help much saying it to myself gives me something to focus on. The worst part is not feeling in control of myself. The shaking and trouble breathing really scare me sometimes. And I'm really good at getting myself worked up.

Pets are great. My budgies come and chirp at me and are so happy just to sit with me and eat my hair. And my furry little mice come running over whenever I call them they crawl right onto my hand and let me pet them and snuggle them. Then of course there is Quigley who is willing to distract me with all of his trouble making antics. Just last night in fact he decided that I just smelt so good he had to have a taste and proceeded to lick and nip at my collar bone. Every time I tried to move him he'd puff up his quills so he poked me if I tried to pick him up and crawl right back up to lick away at me. :lol:
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