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Another question from Newbie. . . New Home Sickness

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Ok, so another question from the new parent. I just brought my hedgie home last saturday and pretty much everything is new to my Hedgerton except the food and a sleep bag. My question is how long will the new home sickness last. He has greenish slimy poops and has been spitting up near his food bowle. I know that the vomit could be from trying to get peices of food from the roof of the mouth and there usually is some food chunks in it. I have been trying pumpkin and he only seems to be anointing with it. Last night it looks like he ate he pumpkin and then threw it up near his food bowle. I know the water can cause problems, and he has been drinking plenty of it, but how long is relocation sickness supposed to last? :(
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It's been over a week. At this point, he needs a vet. There is a significant risk of dehydration at this stage and complications from the vomiting and slimy stool is a sign of a GI upset that may require meds to calm it down.

Personally, I wouldn't delay medical care any longer.
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