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So my baby boy will be 2 weeks off his Baytril this Saturday (he had a staph infection) and am seeing "specks" of green poo when I clean his wheel. What is odd about this is the amount of the green poo because it is barely noticeable. He has relatively dark brown (chocolate brown), toothpaste texture poo all over his wheel in the mornings and then when I am scrubbing it, I notice a itty-bitty amount of green (grass-stain looking).

Here is the information that I do know:

Diet has not changed (mix is Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin 37, Wellness - Weight Formula, Authority - Weight Formula).
He is still very active and seems to be in good spirits.
Food intake is the same (been counting his kibble).
Have not relocated cage.
Staph infection has completely cleared up.
Not feeding any "new" treats.
Urine is normal yellow.
He is about 6 days out from finishing his "quilling".
Heat is set at 77 degrees (my adult girl likes it warm!)
No sneezing, discharge from nose, or itchy skin.

Should I be concerned of this tiny amount? And when I say "speck", I mean the amount of the tip of a pen.

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It is probably nothing to be concerned about, being on meds can mess with them a bit.
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