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Try waking her up then putting her back in the cage for a few minutes so she has the opportunity to go potty before playtime. Hedgies often have to go to the bathroom when they wake up, like people do.
They also tend to potty when they're active, because they can't hold it when they're moving quickly--which is why they potty in the wheel while they're running.
My hedgie won't use the "litter pan" I put in for him, but he will use a certain area...where I can't fit the litter pan, of course (directly behind the wheel). So I put a paper towel back there for easier clean up, and he will use that.
It really sounds like yours just does her business when she wakes up and starts running around, though. I would try waking her up then letting her stay in the cage for a few minutes and see if that helps.
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