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I've been using flaxseed oil as well(capsules - just poke a hole and squeeze out). Because the capsules are so big, I'll add 2-3 drops to his food, then the rest I'll distribute along his back. Of course, he'd lick the oil right off the capsule too if I let him.

For his back, what I do is try to get him to "huff up" a little, so that his spines are sticking up, rather than laying flat, so the drops would dribble onto his skin. I usually get about 4-6 drops along his back, it's harder to get his bum though.

I've been doing that about once a week, and his skin seems to be pretty good. I don't always bath before the drops. He usually gets a bath about once every 2-4 weeks, depending on how dirty he is.
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