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hello. i know that there is alot of dif. post about hedgies and dry skin. I all ready took Honey to the vet and it seams that she just has dry skin, no mites. i have Aveeno oatmeal body wash - nonsented to bath her in. i usually put her in her bath and kinda foam up the wash on my hands and run it over her body. how do i know that it is cleaning her skin and not just the top of her quills? the vet also told me that after i wash her to put vitiamn e on her. i couldn't find drops so i have water soulable gel caps. i was thinkinng of poking a hole in them and putting the drops on her. But how many drops and how do i know it goes onto her skin to help?
sorry for the length of the post just didn't know if anyone had any tips for me. thanks!
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