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Hello All! So I have a fun annointing story, and figured I would start a thread so we can all share the funny/interesting things our beloved hedgies find good enough to rub all over themselves.

So I got hungry the other afternoon, and decided to eat an orange. I peeled it as I was sitting at my desk, and left the rind pieces on my lap. I later threw them away, but I guess some of the orange juice must have soaked into my pants because later that afternoon I took Turbo out and he IMMEDIATELY starting sniffing around and licking my pants leg, right where I had peeled the orange earlier. Now, I am well aware that hedgies should not eat citrus fruit, but just for curiosity's sake, I grabbed a piece of the rind and let him sniff it. He latched on and would not let go. Finally I managed to pry it from his mouth, at which point he proceeded to annoint...all over. It was vastly entertaining.

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