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Am I on the right track?

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Whenever I let my hedgehog out to explore the house, he runs a little, stops, walks, then stops again and then he stands completely still, sniffles about and then looks around a little. He stood there for about five minutes before even putting his paw out to walk. I have no clue what's wrong. He usually goes behind the table in a little crevice next to the wall and just stays there. He never really wants to walk around or run like he does usually... Also, he won't get on his wheel. It wobbles a little, but it's nothing big. It said it was designed specially for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and hedgehogs, and it's just his size, but whenever I put him on the wheel, he just climbs off. That's my only hope wheel wise because I don't know how to make a cake walk wheel. I'm not one who can or enjoys to make things. And another thing. my hedgie stretches a lot. He stretches his legs out while he's standing, and he has his back up in the air. Is this normal, or what?
-His home.....
He lives in a large 90 gallon Sterilite bin with newspaper as litter and a little towel blanket to seep in. And, the bedding is a towel cut to fit the cage. I'm thinking of replacing the towel blanket with a little wooden house to sleep in, but I'm not so sure about that because it could harbor mites, or eggs. I'm also thinking about replacing the whole cage with a ferret playpen.
Also, should I use this kind of liner? If not, which kind should I use?
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I don;t know anything about his behavior being odd or not, someone else can help you there.

I do suggest that you change the towel liner for fleece and use fleece for him to sleep in a well (you should get a plastic igloo and put fleece bits in there for him to snuggle in) the towel can have those loose threads that he can get caught up in and get hurt with.
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