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Am I just too tastey?

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Whenever I have Sophie out, the first thing she does when she calms down and stops trying to stab me for moving, is beeline straight for my nearest bit of exposed skin (usually my hands), and starts licking away. If I let her do it, she eventually nips me, so I usually pull me hand away. But, she'll follow it, or at least it's smell. This makes holding her kind of hard, because I have to make sure there's always a cloth between me and her. It's kind of sad.

My roomate suggested it might be the lotion or hand soap I use, but I don't use anything specific. The soap is just bar soap at the moment, not sure what specific scent, and I don't use lotion very much, and never right before holding my baby. Also, it doesn't seem to make any difference if I use different soaps. I think she just wants to eat me.

Any ideas on how I can discourage her from getting a taste for human flesh?
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yes i have to say my husband has the same problem with hedgie...and i have the same thing with liam. I am not sure why...but i have to agree after they anoint they seem to just be done...
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