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Albino eye Colour change

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Eye Snout Domesticated hedgehog Whiskers Fur
Hi, my little albino hedgie who I’ve only had for about 1.5 weeks now. We rescued him from other people and he is around 8 months old. A few days ago he was scraping his eye, it looked a little murky but didn’t look major. Today I see that his eye is a totally different Colour… what could be happening and how can I help him? Thanks all
Eye Snout Domesticated hedgehog Whiskers Fur
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Scratching his eye* not scraping.
I don’t think he’s albino: his quills are banded - albino is white. So there’s a possibility that one eye was already darker and just not noticed.
but if it seems irritating to him, the only way to get an answer would be through a vet having him assessed. Could be as simple as dust irritated his eye if you use any loose substrate, or it could be something behind his eye that you can’t see (one example; tumour).
Doesn’t look albino just a beige colour to me. Most albino hedgie’s quills are all white they look beige, kind of like my hedgie. I think that both are blackish brown you just can’t tell clearly.
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