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I have been testing my heating setup (two 150W CHE's in 10" domes on a 4x2 c&c cage) and have noticed a big difference between the readings on my thermometers that are spread throughout the cage and my infrared thermometer.

Currently, the air temperature on the 4 thermometers is reading 72.8°F (behind the igloo in the corner and blocked by it from the CHE heat), 78.9F, 76.1°F, and 73.5°F. When I check different places around the cage with my IR thermometer, I get readings usually in the 80's, but ranging from 75-90°F. The thermometer that reads 78.9°F gets 83.5°F at the same locstion using the IR thermometer.

What I want to know is if it is a problem if the liner is 75-90°F+ with the air temperature 75-76°F? Has anyone else tried measuring their cage with an IR thermometer to compare like this?

My current understanding is that most of the heat given off by the CHE that reaches the cage is IR, since the convection heat from the CHE is rising up off of it into the room, and thus the air in the cage is mostly heated by the IR heat being absorbed and released through convection by the bottom of the cage and the liner. So if I am correct, the liner heats up more than the air because it is what is actually affected by the CHE heat and the air is heated indirectly by the heat rising off of the liner?

Thank you
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