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Next, toss the gloves. You want him to get used to your smell, so that when you pick him up it smells like you, and you remind him of safety. Sleep in a t-shirt for a few nights or cuddle a fleece blanket or snuggle sack for a few nights, and then toss that in the cage for him to sleep with. He'll hide in it and be alone and safe and peaceful, but it will smell like you. And then when you pick him up, use that t-shirt, or fleece, to do it. That way he can smell you and get used to your hands a little bit more. He'll likely still poke you a bit through the fabric but it's better than nothing. I find a scooping-from-underneath motion works better than a grabbing motion for not getting poked. That way he'll kind of roll or flump into the t-shirt. If you're really lucky he'll be sleeping in it when you go to pick him up.
Quillicus does not like to be picked up, he always balls up when I try. I just cant pick him up bare handed I use T-shirts i wear other wise i just can not do it. for some reason his quills are just really really really really needle like pointy, I had the pleasure of handling other hedgehogs but none of them (old or young) have quills like mine they just go right through your skin. For this reason the old owners (hes a rescued) were not able to handle him much at all. Good thing though he relaxes quickly (give it 5 seconds) and start exploring when i have him on me. he still doesnt really like to be petted unless hes distracted by smells or treats.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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