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Ehanton- I probably butchered that due to my excitement, but I might have to PM you when I get home school so that I can actually type haha. I'm saying this because my college plans are changing and you might be able to give me some advice on that... I posted a topic or whatever about it, but I can't put up a link for you. Sorry haha. If you stumble upon it, though, you should read it and please give me some advice.

Back to the actual topic- everyone has given great advice- show your parents the research, estimate costs (that was my dad's concern, dunno about yours') and definitely don't whine, your parents will see it as you're too immature to own one. It took me a few months to finally convince him. Definitely get their full support, though, because sometimes I feel like my dad was never totally sold and I'm worried that he won't respond to emergencies. :/ One of the things that sold my dad was convenience, too. The breeder was basically down the street, there is a pet store in town, the vet is only an hour away, blah blah blah. The cuteness factor helped too, hahaha. All in all, basically convince them that there is no reason not to- get all of your bases covered. Hope that helps :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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