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Show your parents you are responsible and COMPLETELY prepared for a hedgehog. I got Maisy in 7th grade and I made a binder full with all sorts of lists, care information, and expenses. I also saved up a lot of money, I had about $500 for the initial setup plus $1000 in my bank account for emergency expenses. My parents were very impressed by this and agreed eventually. I gained their full support so if I ever do not have enough money to pay for emergencies, I know they will help. So just be quietly persistent, parents hate whining. Also, take care of your current pets if you have any and keep your grades up, room clean etc. Lastly, figure out what happens to hedgie if you go to college, I know thats 4 years away but you never know how old a hedgehog will live. That was the thing that put my parents off the most because they don't want to care for my pets when I'm gone so I figured out a way I can keep them - My younger brother agreed to care for them for my first year while I have to be on campus so I can come back and visit them still and then after that I plan to get an apartment so I can have my pets :) This might work for you too?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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