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So I was on craigslist the other day and I happen to stumble upon an albino adult female hedgie! I really want a hedgehog but I haven't asked my parents yet, and they will only so interest if I show I am committed to hedgies. It doesn't give the hedgehogs exact age (but it said she is ready to breed so Im guessing between 1 and 2 1/2) What should I do to tell my parents I am ready for that responsibility. (I have been researching for just over two months) :?:
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Sometimes...Priority changes over time. It's not necessarily that people think college is time consuming, but more that priorities sometimes change. I still have all my animals and I'm in university/college, and I've still got time for both. I also have a bs degree :lol: as a chem major, and I'm heading off to college for a vet tech program in the fall.

But, I have also seen cases where friends have lost interest in their pets because their priorities change, and the animal suffers for it. I have a friend who lost interest in her horse, and left her to be used as a schooling horse, and was ruined, then left to be auctioned off, most likely slaughter bound, since she was injured. But... that's an extreme example... Another would be another bunch of college kids, figured it'd be fun to get 2 pups, 1 male, 1 female, and stuff them both in a small apartment and let them breed. My white dog in my sig is one of the resulting puppies. The parents were dumped at the spca, the other puppies probably received the same fate eventually, as they were given away to friends.

I think that is more of what everyone is getting at when they want a person to take a step back and truly think about whether or not they can commit all the years of the animals' life to give them a good loving home. So it's not really a "college" thing, but a life maturing thing.


Anyways, back to the OP. I cannot stress enough that make sure you have full parental support in all of this. Even though you have enough money saved up, there can be emergencies that could end up costing quite a few hundred $$'s, and even though you saved, you still don't end up with enough. And it's good to give them some time to settle with the idea, rather than be a spur of the moment thing. Lists impress parents too :lol: As well as going out of your way to help out around the house, to show that you can be responsible.

Also, it's very likely that by the time you graduate, this certain hedgie may already be sold. Though if you do end up getting her, I too think you should be prepared for her to be pregnant. Better safe than sorry.
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