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Advice on looking after hedgehogs in spring

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Hi All,

I'm new here and have recently become fascinated by hedgehogs. But, I'm also wondering what they do in the spring/summer months? Do they usually keep to themselves? I only really ever see them in Autumn (in the UK).

I've started by reading this ( How to make a hedgehog-friendly garden ), but I'm wondering if anyone has any other advice?

Thank you

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For wild British hedgehogs, check out Hedgehog Street: Home - Hedgehog Street - they have everything covered. This Hedgehog Central site is about African Pygmy pet hogs which have different lifestyles as indoors pets, even though they share many things (diets, ailments, etc.)
Like you, i'm interested in wild hogs, i lurk here only to read about & look at other people's pet hogs as i don't have enough space (and vet funds) to keep one; but we had 3 regular nightly wild visitors last summer / autumn - hope they will turn up this year too. Hedgehog Street has excellent resources - even DIY hoghouse / feeding station tutorials, a forum, feeding advice, vet/rescue lists, etc. And you can register your hedgehog sightings - helps them to evaluate the wild hog population!
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