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Adopting the old or Adopting a baby?

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I am a new member to the forum but have been reading it for quite some time for tips on preparing for the new addition to my family and what to expect.

I am looking for opinions on adopting a baby vs. adopting an older hedgie. I have contacted breeders and have been placed on waiting lists but I am continuing to look elsewhere. I would like opinions on purchasing a hedgie from families who have discovered that they are not the pet for them from places like kijiji or craigslist (I would use kijiji as I am in Canada). Should I leave these hedgies to the rescuers or could I be their permanent forever home? I would like the opinions of the hedgie owners on this forum as from what I have read you are all so knowledgeable about everything hedgehogs! :)

Thank you all so very much!
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Thank you for all of the thoughts. I have been replying to Ads on Kijiji but always mentioning that I would want to meet the hedgie before commiting to bringing him or her home and no one seems to reply after I mention this. Sigh, my search continues although I know some of you have waited over a year before you got yours so I am not complaining that much.

But I have another question.

How do people feel about shipping? For example Connie Crawford-Redman of Heavenly Hedgehogs located in Manitoba ships her babies across Canada. I feel that this could be cruel and frightning to the hedgies but if that were the case wouldn't breeders be against it? I am really trying to find a baby that is local so I could drive (even if it is 4 hours away) to get him/her. I am not keen on shipping not because of the cost but because I am wondering if it could be a frightning experience for the baby. What do others think? I will take any opinions.

Thanks :)
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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