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Adopting the old or Adopting a baby?

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I am a new member to the forum but have been reading it for quite some time for tips on preparing for the new addition to my family and what to expect.

I am looking for opinions on adopting a baby vs. adopting an older hedgie. I have contacted breeders and have been placed on waiting lists but I am continuing to look elsewhere. I would like opinions on purchasing a hedgie from families who have discovered that they are not the pet for them from places like kijiji or craigslist (I would use kijiji as I am in Canada). Should I leave these hedgies to the rescuers or could I be their permanent forever home? I would like the opinions of the hedgie owners on this forum as from what I have read you are all so knowledgeable about everything hedgehogs! :)

Thank you all so very much!
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In my opinion, the first time hedgie, should be a baby. It would be easier to pick up, littler train, and all that good stuff. It is hard to tell what is the personality of an older hedgehog, if it likes/or not being picked up. It is hard to tell if hedge is healthy, if at the time of adoption it sits curled up in a tight ball. You might just end up with a little "sea urchin" that will hiss and "pop" everytime you try to pick it up. You would need a lot more patience, lots more time to bond with an older one. Although some hedgehogs are more friendly than another ones, so you might just get lucky adopting one like that. It is your call, but I would say, get a baby :D
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