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Hi everyone! I am new here but have been using this forum to answer my hedgehog questions since I became a mother almost 2 years ago!! Its the best!!

So here's whats going on.

My little Louis and I made a big move into my new apartment and he is having some trouble adjusting.

He is eating good, and being super friendly and active when out and about.

BUT... he is not running on his wheel! :shock: which is extremely weird for him. What really concerns me is his wheel is where he poops. He has been pooping under the wheel but wont get on. He knows to only poop on that side of his cage. He really is an ANGEL. I check to see if it was works fine it does. I put him on and he just got right off and snuggled up in his blankets.

I got a new wheel before the move, but its the exact same wheel as the one he had before just a different color. I dont know if that has anything to do with it but i guess important information. Cage temp is a good 73/75. Which is what he is used to.

Also he is a little over a year and half old. A usual running and pooping machine. The room is in has windows so he for sure gets a proper light cycle. The room isn't completely pitch black at night. Maybe that is the issue? He also is eating normally, and has history of constipation but is still pooping so it doesn't seem like that is the issue. I DONT KNOW.

I am just a worried mutha.

Thank you!!

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How long ago did you move? If its been a relatively short period of time, give him more time. While his cage is setup the same, the environment around it is different and smells different.

How much of a lighting difference is there at night now? If it was nearly pitch black before and is now lighter, he may very well not like it and needs more time to adjust.

Also check his new wheel out thoroughly. Give it a good spin. Does it move as freely as before? Is the tilt of its surface any different than the old one, sometimes the tilt may feel wrong and if they slip a little they won't use it.
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