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A little help with housing keeping.

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So since I got Coraline I have been using Corn Cob as bedding, it seemed like the best thing at the time, but I have noticed that not only does she try and eat it, but it also gets all in her food and water, it makes a mess of my floor, etc. So I am looking at getting some sort of Fleece instead. Should I just get a blanket or what?

Here is a picture of Coraline's Current set up. It a ferret cage that I cut in half.

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I'm actually planning on taking that off, it's just taking up space and she never goes up there. :\
But thanks for the advice. :]
Oh noes, poor little Hedge hog. D:
Thanks, I will do that once I get paid. Corn Cob is going to end up costing me an arm in leg. xD
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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