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A good petstore experience!

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I just wanted to share a pleasurable pet store experience.

Jungle Pets, specializing in exotic animals just opened near my work and on my lunch break I thought I would run over & check them out. Not to mention the poster said they had a hedgehog so I wanted to see.

Well the little guy was darn cute! & very social for being woken up. The owner of the store was there and while I didn't catch his name, had a nice chat with him. He was very interested speaking about what's best for a hedgie in housing and feeding. His set up was very good. While the cage was a bit small (but ok for a baby) said he'd just ordered a larger cage which I was pleased to learn. The lil guy had a good ceramic bowl for his food & a water bottle. I mentioned about switching to a bowl (and why) & the owner was very receptive. He also said that he's very interested in trying to use local resources be it breeders or suppliers.

There were a number of other animals in the store as well, though I can't speak to them as I don't know much about reptiles, birds, ferrets, etc.

All in all, I wanted to give a good word to Jungle Pets. Being open in the area only a few weeks(I believe it's their 2nd store. 1st in NL, this one in NS), it's nice to see a pet store that's not 'commercial' in their approach but rather a home grown interest in the well-being of the animals. http://www.nljungle.ca/
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silvercat thats great to hear! i'm out in lower sackville and was deciding if it was worth it to go to dartmouth just to go to a pet store. i saw the ad on kijiji and noticed they had hedgehogs on the list also, unfortunately my boyfriend decided that i was a bit too obsessed with hedgehogs and opted not to take me :p

are the prices good? and is there much variety? i know the pet stores in sackville had, dogs, cat, and hamsters. some have lizards, but only geckos.

i look forward to going :)
and i may mention your good review ;)
i thought i was the only nova scotian on here,
i'm happy to figure out that i'm not the only one, and not the only one from the HRM too ! :)

i'm looking forward to going. :)
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