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A fue Q's about my new hedgie?

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Hello, I just got my hedgie about a month ago and he doesnt seem to like his wheel, I take him out and play with him everyday but he doesnt seem to have any interest in his wheel? Is this odd? And I was also wondering how many hours a day my hedgie should be sleeping?
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Sleeping a lot is not uncommon especially with babies. Hedgies are nocturnal and come out late. Babies may only come out for a very small amount of time to eat, use the bathroom and go back in. Alot of hedgies will wait til late at night when they are alone to wheel. I've had my hedgie for over 6 months now and I've only actually seen him wheel a handful of times. When I was first introducing the wheel I put snacks on it so it would encourage him to check it out. If the snack is gone in the morning then you can tell he was up there.

Congrats on your new hedgie and welcome to HHC :)
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