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Congrats on your new hedgie :) I was able to answer a couple of the questions you had :)
1. I'm not sure with the runny nose, I haven't run into this yet.
2. I don't have a CWS but have a home made version of it because I was unwilling to wait the amount of time it would take to get one. They are very quiet and easy to clean and provide a good depth to run on, the size of them also are nice letting the hedgie not arch when running.
3. Mine gets very mad when he gets woken up during the day if it involves him getting taken out of his bed :) lol I don't run into this often but there are days, like today where he had to totally evacuate his cage for a unplanned full cleaning because he had a party last night and got his liner got soaked (my dishes can't be tipped but there was a mysterious blanket that was put into it that siphoned the entire bowl onto the liner...I wonder if it was intentional (jk)because his igloo and fleece strips were moved and dry on the other side lol) If its just a regular spot cleaning he just stays snuggled and ignores me while I do my thing, if its a day I change the liner I spot clean and wash dishes that morning and wait til late to get him out and scrub and rewash dishes so I'm not waking him up. I give him a quick once over in the morning to make sure he didn't get hurt while I was sleeping and he tolerates it without to much grumbling lol :) I wait til he wakes up before I get him out to play which is usually 11 or 11:30pm.
4. Not sure about the scent because we haven't went a night without playing since he came to live with me in October :) I do know though that they have a very good sense of smell and hearing and mine can hear me crack the mealie container from the other room and will run when they smell them lol Mine can smell who's near his cage and won't come out unless its just me :) Its very fascinating and amazing how good their sense of smell is.
5. I don't think there is any way to train them not to. Mine is potty trained and won't go on the wheel but from what I've heard this is rare and I don't think there would be any way to train this I just got very lucky that mine does this on his own. The only thing I did to encourage it was put 2 folded papertowels down and put his poop on it, he did all the rest and if he decided not to I would have just had more cleaning too do but I was already prepared for either outcome :)
6. Mine is still growing but so far he fits comfortably in my hand :)

Congratulations on your new hedgie and I can't wait to see pics :)
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