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1. I think if he had a runny nose, you'd see boogers or something? I'm not entirely sure on this one, as Lily's never had a problem. She does have a wet nose though, from licking it, so it could've just been that.

2. I do have one, and I love it. It's much, much easier to clean than the Comfort wheel I had before. I usually clean mine every other day, sometimes every two days if Lily hasn't gotten it too messy, and it takes me about 10 minutes to clean the wheel and base. They're very safe for hedgehogs of any size. The only issue with them at the moment is that the man who makes them, Reaper, has been having health issues and is very backed up on orders right now. So you may want to wait until he gets caught up to order one, to avoid frustration.

3. Yup, same as many people are a tad grumpy when they first wake up, or are woken up. Just be quiet, patient, and gentle, and give him a chance to wake up completely before trying to play with him or anything.

4. I'm not sure, really.

5. Nope. They potty as they run around in the wild, so they do it as they run in the cage, which is usually on the wheel. It's just one of the parts of hedgehog care that hedgie owners have to get used to. Very rarely, hedgehogs will become so well litter trained that they'll get off the wheel to go poop in their litter box, but the majority of hedgehogs just go on their wheel.

6. It depends on the individual hedgehog. Lily is full grown at about 350-400 grams. There are some hedgehogs that are full grown (and healthy, not obese) at 900 grams.
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