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My hedgie, Orpheus, somehow ended up with the dreaded mites! :(

I have already been to the vet and gotten revolution.

I was wondering how long I need to wait before giving him a full bath? Should I just rinse him with water and no soap/shampoo when I do bathe him because of his dry skin? I've seen different recommendations about adding things like olive oil to the water to help soothe skin, so based on experience what have all you guys found to be the most helpful? Some people say olive oil is bad to add to baths, can anyone confirm this to be true or had a bad experience using olive oil? If you are a fan of olive oil, how much do you recommend adding?

I've begun deep cleaning his cage, and noticed that mites were crawling on the outside parts of the cage...which scares me because I have carpet...

Are mites able to live in carpet? Because they were crawling on the outside part, does that mean my apartment is infested?

I was planning on keeping my poor little guy in a separate enclosure and give him fresh fleece bedding every day for a week before putting him back in his normal cage..will the cage still end up with a lot of mites when I put him back until the revolution has had more time to work?

Finally, I was planning on putting his water bottle through the dishwasher to clean it, should I soak the glass part in bleach before doing this or would that be dangerous in case the bleach doesn't rinse off completely on the inside part?

If anyone has any other tips about cleaning the cage/surrounding area or tips to make Orpheus more comfortable and happy during the revolution treatment, I'd greatly appreciate it! He's been so grumpy and uncomfortable...that I'm overly desperate for these mites to just be gone already!
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