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A few question from a new hedgie owner.

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Hello everyone,

I just got Akeno Yesterday as an early christmas present. I've been wanting a hedgehog for quite some time now and finally convinced my mother into allowing me to have one. I bought Akeno at a local pet shop (pets unlimited) and they said he was about 6-9 months of age. I was wondering if him being older would take him longer to get use to me then a younger hedgehog. I have some concerns though. I`m at my sisters house for the holidays and will be returning to my house afterwards and I`m worried that all the travel will be stressful to him,the drive is about 40 minutes. Adding to the fact that for the time that he will be here and trying to adjust to what goes on he`ll have to repete it all over again.
Also, he seems awfully scared.I`ve only seen him move about once since yesterday,and that was when I moved him into his cage.He seemes fine there,I mean he still quills up at any quick movement and loud noises but I expected that to be normal since I`ve just gotten him. Though this morning I went to pick him up and he immidently balled up, so I sat there for at least an hour as quiet and still as I could and half of the time he made some noise. It's hard to describe, like some vibrating,huffy noise. After a little while he would settle down and peak out of his ball for a few seconds just to retreat back in. By that time my neck and back were aching so I set him back in his cage. Even then it was another 10-15 minutes untill he came out of his ball to rush under my shirt and fall asleep.
Will it always be like this or is it just going to take time? I can understand him balling up for the few first seconds or even minutes untill he decided to peak out but a whole hour?
Is there anything I can do to help make him as comfortable as possible? Expecially with the future traveling he will have to do.
Any advice would be greately appreciated, I'm going to try to be as patient as possible,I'm just eager to make buddies with him.
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Yeah,I already have one of my shirts in there. Hes always under it :D
I`ll deffinately get the cat carrier, thanks for the advise!
I`m happy to report some news. Since night was approaching I figured Akeno would start waking up and shure enough when 8pm came around I went into the laundry room to find Akeno out and about in his cage. I decided I`d take him out for a bit and he sat balled up,huffing and puffing for a good 10 minutes or so,then let up and sat there for about another 20. He started peaking out and the entire time I kept on talking to him.Within the next 15 or so minutes he was running about in the little square I had set up for him.He still quilled up and froze any time I made any quick movements but I let him run around for a good 40 minutes and eventually put him back in his cage.He even only huffed for a few seconds before I put him back in. Overall I was VERY very pleased with tonight considering yesterday he wouldent even peak out for long. :mrgreen:
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I`ve noticed that Akeno seems to be alot calmer If I hum rather then If I were actually talking. Could younger hedhogs find white noise soothing just like babies do?
Hi,again. Sorry for posting alot of questions, But I have one more if you woulden`t mind..
I`ve heard from some that Hedgehogs are nocturnal,and from other that they are..Um,I can`t think of the word,half asleep during the night and half asleep during the day. So which is it?
Akeno sleeps about all day and wakes up at about 8pm and goes back to sleep around 11pm. Is this alright? Should I wake him up at some point during the day to haldel him and have him play?
Yeah,I believe that was the word.
I was just wondering If all the sleeping he was doing was normal,Especially since it seems he only manages to eat about a table spoon or less of food a day.
He wouldent be attempting to go into hibernation would he?
Well I`m at my sisters and she not the most animal-loving person in the world. Shes stingy about the light being on were the hedgehog is so theres a constant light switiching war and The house stays relatively warm during the day but gets about 69-70 degrees at night,and she won`t have it any other way.Also where Akeno stays at is probly the warmest room in the house during night time.
Well I got my sister to agree to turn it up to 72 degrees,and I found a little heating pad so that should deffinately be helpful. Should I place it completely underneeth the cage or under his bedding?
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