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Hey all,
Thanks for answering my last couple of questions, I found them to be quite helpful but I have a few more!

1. I noticed Penelope was sneezing today when I picked her up but I didn't have much time to play with her before work. Then tonight when I got home I picked her up and she sneezed a few times but not as much as earlier. I'm wondering if this is normal? Or maybe its due to the Carefresh liner since its a bit dusty? I bought fleece liners for her today and I'm going to switch them out tomorrow and see if there is any difference. I thought maybe it might be too cold but I have a 60 watt heat emitter above her cage and the thermometer reads between 72 and 75 degrees..should I get a higher watt?

2. Regarding the fleece liners..how often should I wash them and is there a special detergent I should use?

3. I have refrigerated mealworms for her, should I let them sit out a bit and get room temperature before feeding them to her or is it okay if they are cold?

4. When I handle her she is more interested in finding a way to burrow into my clothes than anything else, is this normal for the first week or two since she is only 8 weeks old?

If the sneezing persists or gets worse I'm going to take her to the vet and was thinking its a good idea to take her anyway on my next day off, which is Monday.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

-Amelia and Penelope

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1. The carefresh can be dusty. Switch to the fleece liner and then see if she is sneezing. 72 -75º is a good temp for the cage.

2. I wash my liners in the same detergent, Tide, as I do my laundry.

3. Meal worms are less wiggly when they are cold. You can feed either way.

4. Some babies just want to sleep. Give her time. She may be one that becomes very adventurous.

It is always a good idea to have a well care visit soon after getting a new hedgehog.
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