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A Cute Story

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So last week I was driving our 2 hedgies over to their hedgie sitter before we went on vacation. While waiting for the ferry, I walked over to Ivar's with Bolt in his hedgie bag. (Jadyn was in the car in her container with her heating pad.) I got fish and chips and came back to the car to wait to go on the ferry. Bolt fell asleep in his bag so I put him close where I could see him, and Jadyn was still sleeping, or so I thought, so I began to eat. I soon saw a wiggly nose peek out of her liner, then her face, then she came out, nose in the air, and peeks at me saying with her nose and eyes, "Well?" So I got a little piece of fish for her and gave it to her (no breading).....SNARFF! CHEW! "Well?" So, I gave her a little more, and a little more, and a little more, and a bit more. Miss Jadyn then runs under her liner, comes out halfway, sticks her front arms out on either side of her and SPLATS on her liner, closing her eyes. Stuffed full of fish and all toasty......PRICELESS!! :lol:
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