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I have a first time mom that has been a great mom few hiccups (carting babies around at 2 weeks but with suggestions of my mentor breeder got her calmed down and settled again) with no further issues

All has been well until recently as mom seems to be attempting to wean babies
She will spend 90% of her time away from babies, she is "exit seaking", and now will pick up babies as they are exploring and put them all together away from her. They are all eating well and are gaining weight rapidly.

My question is as I know weaning is usually done around 6 weeks she has a larger litter of 5 for a first time mom. Do you think it would be acceptable to wean at 4.5 weeks? I fear because they are so big her carting them around she could hurt them because she can't carry them she moreso drags them because of their size. She has not hurt them nor to I feel she is trying to.

Want to make the best decision for mom and babies.

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