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30g weight gain in a week... for an adult!

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Exactly a week ago, I weigthed little Tangelo at 320g. Now after his bath, just for "fun" I weight it again to my surprise: 350g. Both weighting where done at around the same time of the evening. Should I be worried. He does eat Technical kitten but I'm weaning him from it to my mix that is ligter.
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well they told me we wouldn't eat much kibble and was mostly eating worms (10 a days). Now he just pig out on kibbles (even water, he drink his entire bowl too). I'll keep in on a close watch and weight him twice a week.
He doesn't have wheel yet, but I plan on buying one, I might resort to a confort wheel since shipping a cake wheel would kinda brak my hedgie buggest this month.

I think he pooped before each weight, but can't be 100% sure. I'll take a look at his shape too, just to be sure.

The bowl is pretty big, I just fill up the food bowl. The water is ok, he doesn't drink it all up. I'm really tempted to think that it's because he did'nt have enough food before.
wow, he's now at 390g tonight, but he did'nt poop so that's maybe why. I'm mixing more my mix now and less and less kitten food. He doesn't seems undeweight, but he's pretty slim too
thank god it's a guy or I'll be paranoid and overwelm by the tought of babies!
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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