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I also ride a very long road to get my hedgehogs ,,,,28 hours round trip ,,,,i come back home with eleven hedgies then it's realy cheaper to go there than shipping ,,,,

and i also want to know in face to face the peoples who sell me that beautiful babies ,,and take car of them before

I was alone in my car and i don't regret anythings about that ,,,in my area we don't have hedgehogs then a lot of peoples wants to adopt a baby my list of potential adoptant is long at this moment and I try to have responsible persons for that baby i'll have,,,,,

breed is a real passion ,,,,i also breed chihuahua i spend about 10 thousands dollars on my herd and since that time a lot of bad things happen to my herd ,,,dead , little female to small to be pregnant ,,,5 beautiful babies was born to early and don't survive ,,,they was realy amazing in color but i cant do nothing they pass trough in about 5 hours ,,,,,,one mâle i buy from a breeder in UNited States is realy to big for my females (the breeder tell to me it'S a 3 pounds boy but that 3 pounds turn to 7 pounds on the plane ,,,and i have to sell him back (and loose 500 $ ) then i have succès 4 months ago to finaly save 3 babies ,,,,and last month i save 5 babies ,,,,

Hope it 'll be better for my hedgehogs cause i don't want to stop breeding i love all the things around that situation except the bad things but it's in the game we have to deal with ,,,,

I cry often but i also smile often ,,,and the most important things is to have healty herd , take care of them realy well , to handled them much as can be ,,and also to LOVE THEM ,,,,

Good luck to every body but breeding is not a game to play it's real in the real life and every things can happen ,,,bad and great but we have to deal all the time with that to sides ,,,,,
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